Pascal Nasahl

Pascal Nasahl

InfoSec PhD Student

IAIK, Graz University of Technology


I am an InfoSec PhD student in the Secure Systems (SESYS) group at IAIK, Graz University of Technology. My research interests include designing secure systems, with a focus on secure processor designs. Here, I am interested in developing countermeasures for software and physical attacks, such as fault attacks. During my academic career, I conducted research internships at Google and Riscure.


  • System Security
  • Fault Attacks
  • Hardware Design


  • MSc in Information and Computer Engineering, 2019

    Graz University of Technology

  • BSc in Information and Computer Engineering, 2016

    Graz University of Technology


SecWalk: Protecting Page Table Walks Against Fault Attacks
Protecting Indirect Branches against Fault Attacks using ARM Pointer Authentication
SERVAS! Secure Enclaves via RISC-V Authenticryption Shield
FIPAC: Thwarting Fault-and Software-Induced Control-Flow Attacks with ARM Pointer Authentication
CrypTag: Thwarting Physical and Logical Memory Vulnerabilities using Cryptographically Colored Memory
HECTOR-V: A Heterogeneous CPU Architecture for a Secure RISC-V Execution Environment
Attacking AUTOSAR using Software and Hardware Attacks
Pointing in the Right Direction - Securing Memory Accesses in a Faulty World