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Wheaterstation with Oak and Omega

In this project I am using the Digistump Oak and the Onion Omega to display weater data on a webpage.   The Oak is a small IoT platform which allows to publish data to the particle cloud. With the Omega … Continue reading

20. August 2016 by nasahl
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Hetzner and Let’s Encrypt

Hetzner webhosting allows you to import your own SSL certificates. First download certbot and create the certificates on your local computer. Now create the .well-known/acme-challenge/CERTBOT_ID with the corresponding CERTBOD_ID and the correct content on your webserver. To do this, create the … Continue reading

19. August 2016 by nasahl
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New EP/ESP page is up!

The new ESP page for the coming semester is up. Find the C lecture slides and tutorials on

19. August 2016 by nasahl
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